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whenever i look up at the moon, all i can think of is you. You’re still my luna .

whenever i look up at the moon, all i can think of is you. You’re still my luna .

Why is it that you still come across my mind ?

you made it perfectly clear that we were never going to be together again. You left me broken and constantly pouring my heart out to you, yet you never cared. You left with no perfect explanation other than this will make me happy. No, this made you happy. This was never about me or us. It was never there to you.  I was the one there for you to keep you company when you got in that accident. Even though I couldn’t be there physically, I was there spirituality and in your heart. I sent letters and cards . I never spent that much time writting anything before, especially for someone who left me like this. Do you really think I’m fine now? When I’m still here reminiscing trying to let go and move on to be happy? I can’t even do that because when I thought you “were” different from the rest, you proved me wrong. You said you’d never hurt me !and here I am, still hurt because of you. It’s not what you said , it’s what you did. No matter how much I try to let go, you’re always gonna be the one that changed my perspective of guys. Yeah, you were something special while it lasted. Idek where it went wrong. Did you know you left me worthless and still feeling like that? I don’t believe in love anymore because of what you did. thanks for everything, but most importantly thanks for making me see the world differently.

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